Tragedy strikes one of our ARVC Families.

Posted by Senobia Szuch on Apr 18 2017 at 01:47PM PDT

Hello ARVC Community,

Kit Duane Frances II (KJ), 24 year old brother of Krista Kees on our 13N1 team, was in a terrible accident this past Sunday night. KJ is currently on life support and has extensive injury. Mom(Bobbie Kees) was in Chicago and took an emergency flight back to Albuquerque, while her husband and daughters are headed back today on the train.

I am setting up a donation slot in our drop box, we are asking for gift card donations for ready made food. Restaurant carry out kind of food or cash is acceptable as well. If you would like to make a meal for the family, they are a family of 4 and have no allergies, I am in contact with Bobbie and am happy to work out delivery details. We will have a card in the office if you would like to sign it. Our wooden drop box has a slot labeled KJ Donations, anything in that will be given to the Kees to help provide some support from our ARVC Family.

Below is a copy of the news article.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Kindest Regards,

Senobia Szuch


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