1. Go to https://www.advancedeventsystems.com/reservations/manage/lookup
  2. Enter the e-mail address of the person who made the reservation: senobia@arvcrebels.com. This can also be found in the contact information section of the confirmation e-mail.
  3. Type in 116936 as the Reservation #.
  4. A summary of your reservation will appear.
  5. From this page, identify the room type you would like to add your rooming list to. Be sure to check the check in and check out dates.
  6. Please select an available room from the reservation drop down.

    You will need to type one person per row. Please make this as accurate as possible for check in and security purposes.

  7. Type in your credit card information for the hotel.

    No one has access to your credit card information except for the hotel. AES web site is secure using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

  8. Pay AES Booking Fee.
  9. Click update.
  10. If you have any problems, please contact Housing Support at 1-800-603-0917 or Email: em2housing@em2housing.com