carlos Colon

13N2 Assistant Coach

Carlos enters his 4th year of coaching and 1st with ARVC. Last season, he coached a U17 team for One Volleyball Academy out of Wichita, Kansas. He has also coached volleyball at Air Force Youth Centers and Alamo City All-Star, training and developing 12-14 year old girls. He played volleyball in high school and recreationally in intramural and club leagues while serving in the US Air Force for the last 19 years. Carlos was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Bronx, New York. Carlos’ love for the sport of volleyball and passion for coaching fuels his competitive drive. His favorite quote is by Sun Tzu, “Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” His focus on player development and communication always brings out the best in his players. When not on the courts, Carlos is an active duty commissioned officer assigned to the Air Force Inspection Agency at Kirkland AFB. ARVC is excited to have Carlos join its coaching staff and values the skill and knowledge he brings to the club.