Below is a photo by team on how many out of town events we have told parents each team will attend.  The "3d travel" column means they play 3 days and the "2d travel" column means they play Saturday and Sunday only. ALL teams will go to Denver Crossroads and ALL regional teams who have 2 "2d travel" will go to Durango which is the same date as LUBBOCK RBQ.

We have communicated to parents that we will ONLY go to potential driving locations this year to be careful on lost airline tickets. So the listed options are the ONLY options.  18N1 will have different choices completely so please do not fill this out for 18's.    

We will choose the local events, everyone should plan on Chile Spike on January 9 & 10

*****IMPORTANT - If you are coaching on 2 teams or your assistant is coaching on 2 teams, you should not have both teams do the same events, we need to work on having both coaches at all out of town tournaments. Denver we may have to figure something out if the dates work out in a way that you will have both teams there.  ALSO if you don't fill this out we will choose for you. And if we see an issue we may ask to have a discussion before making  your selections final.

Click here for the list of NQs  we are allowing to choose from this season with dates. Have these dates open when selecting and planning.