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Welcome Parents!

As you can see we have updated our website.  If you had a log in on our old site it did not transfer.  You will need to set up a new account.  The difference is that you will set an account up for yourself as a parent and then add your child.   We have not yet moved over the financial from our old system. Should you be looking for a balance from fundraising, we can help you find that, just send us a message on our messenger at the bottom of the webpage.

2018-19 ARVC Staff

2018-19 ARVC Tournaments and Pricing

Tryout info/payment structure/fundraising

What is different this upcoming season?

Full club season teams will have regular practice days plus one day dedicated to T.A.P.(The Athletes Playground). National teams will practice 3 days + 1 T.A.P, Regional teams will practice 2 days + 1 T.A.P.. Rebels Academy teams will have 2 practice days and participate in the preseason T.A.P. training only, a discounted membership is available for any Rebels Academy players who wish to do training at T.A.P.

Teams will have at maximum 11 players per team.

Click on this USAV age definition chart 2018-19  and you will see what age group your child should sign up for.

Tryout dates and parent meetings

Does my child have to play in their own age group?

In a perfect world we would love for all athletes to play in their own age group.  However, this is a tougher situation when kids start very young 11’s and 12’s and when filling the higher ages.  You can expect our 11 and 12 National team to have a mix of ages as well as possibly our 18s national teams.  All of the teams in between will be filled with kids from the USAV Defined ages, unless a child played one year up the previous season.  That athlete will be allowed to tryout in/with the group of players they played with the season prior. If your athlete did not play for us the season before and/or is 2 age groups younger they will have to tryout in their own age group.  Should a coach feel that an athlete is superior in their own age, they will get permission form Club Directors to invite said athlete to the next age level up.