18N1 Adidas

18N1 Girls
18N1 (1)
A. Cano

#1 Ailyn Cano

25' | OH 
M Hessinger

#3 Mya Hessinger

24' | MB|OPP 
A. Demming

#5 Adriana Deming

24' | OH
T Martinez

#10 Tessa Martinez

24' | MB 

#16 Mellody Chavez

25' | OH/OPP
I. Foutz

#11 Isabella Foutz

24' | S/DS 
B. Savage

#19 Baylee Savage

24' | OH/OPP
O. Archuleta

#28 Olivia Archuleta

24' | L/DS
A. Ornelas

#13 Ava   Ornelas

24' | DS/L
N. Sallee

#23 Nicole Sallee

25' | S

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Jose Archuleta

Coach Jose brings 10 years of Club experience and expertise to ARVC. He is an advocate of the philosophy that sports play an integral role in assisting our youth in developing discipline, a strong work ethic, and teamwork- all traits that are consistent with being a person of character. Read more about Coach Jose on his bio (Click Here).

A Carroll

Assistant coach

Amanda Carroll

Coach Amanda is entering her 2nd year with ARVC. She's played at both the Collegiate and National level providing her with a unique perspective to the game. Her extensive and impressive background has influenced her approach to coaching and has helped to propel her athletes to the next level. Read more about Coach Amanda's Bio (Click Here).


Assistant coach

Grant Squier

Coach Grant is entering his 5th year with ARVC. Grant brings more than 10 years of playing experience, including one collegiate playing year as a libero at Long Beach City College. He has a unique ability to create connection and team chemistry while fostering the importance of competition and intensity. Read more about Coach Grant(Click Here).

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