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Being a COACH takes passion and dedication. Being a GREAT COACH often requires additional training.

The Coach Development Program enhances a coach’s ability to provide a higher standard of coaching and learning for their student-athletes. The program will assist coaches both on and off the court while coaching their team. Coaches will receive practical experience and training to improve and develop their knowledge and skills theory, technical and practical coaching areas. The program is during the volleyball club season beginning October and concluding late-April (7 months). Coaches will receive training before tryouts, as well as at match-game feedback. The program also provides coaches with an opportunity to network with other coaches and out-of-town training.


  1. To assist coaches in developing their coaching skills.
  2. To promote and develop coaching excellence at ARVC Volleyball.
  3. To provide coaches of all levels with an opportunity to improve and develop their knowledge and skills in theory, technical and practical coaching.
  4. To provide coaches with experience and knowledge of using proper player/coach and player analysis applications.


  1. Builds camaraderie between teams and age groups/unity in the club.
  2. Consistency in training.
  3. Lower player to coach ratio.
  4. More individualized instruction and feedback.

Specific Development

  1. Detect and correct delivery and brushing technique.
  2. State of the Art Technology Training.
  3. Pre-Game and Post-Game discussion and effective time-outs.
  4. How to plan and implement as effective practice.
  5. Pre-competition and competition strategies.
  6. Team Mental Training.
The Mentorship Program - ARVC Volleyball relies on mentoring to change the lives and better the leadership of our coaches. The ARVC Mentorship Program works on the premise that many coaches have the desire for a higher learning and gaining knowledge from other coaching organization, but lack the direction and support that only a positive mentor can offer. ARVC assigns “mentors” to guide these coaches to enhance their normal coaching routines, and track their development throughout the club season.
Effectiveness and Values:
  1. Recruitment and interest - Positive coaching draw student-athletes to the program.
  2. Turnover and retention rate - Coaches continue to adhere to the organization program.
  3. The value of training provided
  4. Goal achievement - whether the program and individual goals are met.
  5. Feedback from both mentor and coaches.
  6. Monitoring the ongoing progress of coaches who has been mentored.
  7. Participant satisfaction with the program and their mentor.