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ARVC has a wide variety of training options for all levels of play.

We offer private lessons, different levels of club volleyball teams from ages 7-18, during the off-season(when club season is not in session) we have training sessions for ages 5-18.  ARVC Coaching staff is incredible and very invested in helping athletes not only grow in skill, but to also compete with the best attitude!

You can find our available training options anytime by clicking on our Training tab in the menu above.

Common training questions:

Can my child take private lessons from one of your coaches if they play for another club?

Not if they are still in their club season. Once they finish their practices and games at another club, they are allowed.  This is true for all club participants.

If my child was part of another club during the club volleyball season, can they still participate in ARVC summer training?

Absolutely, as long as their club season has ended they can train at any facility.

Can my child do lessons at ARVC while playing high school or middle school volleyball?

We recommend that you follow the rules your school coach sets forth. NMAA also has some rules in regards to practicing as a group with other high school players.  Be sure you are following all the rules as we do not wish for anyone to violate any policies.

If my child tries out at ARVC and her high school coach is a coach at her age level. Can she play on that team?

No- NMAA rules do not allow for your child to play on a club team that your high school coach is a club coach on.  This is also true for feed programs. So if you go to a middle school that feeds into this coaches high school, you can not be placed on that coaches team.  The exceptions to this are 12U and under teams or a senior on an 18U team.